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The clients in present Freight Logistics Services industry prefer visibility in supply-chain therefore, the level of visibility directly correlates to their level satisfaction. Centre Pole Logistics offers top of the line, visibility solutions across all electronic modes with utmost flexibility & customization.

Optimizing financial resources and time usage for a customer are the top priorities for and our company can play an important role in achieving this for the customers.

The Team at Centre Pole Logistics knows the best Ocean Freight Carriers & Airlines to use, & we can identify the quickest and most cost-effective routes and offer competitive rates when it comes to warehousing and trucking services.

Effective Communication and flow of information is also a key element of our business. As an experienced Freight Logistics Services company, we can provide access to real-time information and shipment status, as well as a speedy response to any questions or queries our clients may have. Regarding, customs brokerage (which can often be a complex task) our team members have the expertise to deal with the execution of import and export documentation.

As a matter of fact according to a recent report, the worldwide freight transportation management market is set to grow to $423.69billion in the next four years – an annual growth rate of 9.14%.

Looking at the above market potential Centre Pole Logistics Team has engaged itself in to the following activities …

  • Detailed Introspection:
  • Focus on Our Core strengths Freight, Transportation & Customs Brokerage.
  • Understanding the client’s needs & compliance.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Reliable Service & Answerability:
  • Promotion of Economical & Efficient modes.
  • Effective use of technology

For Centre Pole Logistics to sustain its success, the company integrates our key success factors into all levels of our business and organization. We employ and empower our staffs to provide the best services that would result in maximum customer satisfaction and at the same time achieving all our missions and business objectives. Techy Savvy Staff of Centre Pole Logistics adopts advanced IT solutions as part of their working lifestyle.